Babka Dough
Mauri Donut Mix 1000g
Mauripan Instant Yeast 50g
Eggs 250g
Butter 250g
Sugar 100g
Cold water (0-1 0C) 160

Butter 120g
Brown Sugar 180g
Cocoa Powder 50g
Salt 1g
Chocolate chips 150g

Crumble toppings (Optional)
All-purpose flour 150g
Butter 60g
Sugar 50g

Babka Baking Step:

  1. Blend all dry ingredients at low speed.
  2. Add water and mix dough at low speed for 2 minutes, then mix at high speed to optimal development.
  3. Rest the dough for 10 minutes.
  4. Flatten the dough and spread the filling on the dough. Sprinkle chocolate chips on top of the filling.
  5. Roll the dough and cut into desired sizes and shapes before putting into baking tins. 

Filling Product Method:

  1. Beat butter and brown sugar at high speed until creamed.
  2. Add cocoa powder and salt into the mixture and blend until well incorporated.

Topping Product Method:

  1. Beat butter until soft.
  2. Add flour and beat for a short while.
  3. Add in sugar and blend until mixture resembles breadcrumbs. 

Proof at 40 0C and RH 80% for approximately 60 minutes. 

Apply egg wash and sprinkle the crumble toppings (optional) before put into oven.
Bake at 180 0C for about 18 to 22 minutes.
Baking condition varies upon oven used and dough weight.
Cool slightly and serve warm.