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Welcome to AB Mauri

Proudly serving you since 1971.

AB Mauri  Malaysia is a division of AB Mauri, a global leader in yeast and bakery ingredient products.

AB Mauri Malaysia is headquartered in Balakong, Selangor, started operation in Malaysia as Fermentation Industries (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd on September 1971 of which it was later changed to Mauri Fermentation (M) Sdn Bhd in February 1974 to reflect the joint venture between local companies and listed Australian company (Burns, Philips & Company Limited) through its wholly owned subsidiary of Mauri Fermentation Malaysia Pte Ltd. In October 2004, this shareholding was sold to Associated British Foods Plc (ABF) that is listed in London stock exchange to coincide with the creation of ABF’s new global operating division, AB Mauri. AB Mauri operates 52 plants in 32 countries with sales in more than 100 and has its global headquarters in Peterborough, United Kingdom.

Today we produce, import and export a wide range of fresh and dry yeast and bakery ingredients to support bakers and customers in the region. 

We sell yeast under the Mauripan, Fermipan and Prime yeast brand names. Additionally, our signature line of quality bakery ingredients – including bread improvers and softeners, cake and bread mixes, mold inhibitors, chemical leaveners, and more – are sold under the AB Mauri® Bakery Ingredients brand names.

When bakers choose from our complete product portfolio, they experience our commitment to an ongoing working relationship — beyond just an ordinary product purchase. We thoroughly assess ingredient and process needs and provide the industry experience and proven critical thinking to help set your baked goods apart in the marketplace.

AB Mauri Malaysia has access to a global network of baking knowledge unmatched around the world. This expertise covers the functionality and proper application of yeast and bakery ingredients, technical understanding of processing equipment, and beyond.

Ultimately, we are a baking technology company that is passionate about baking and driven to assist customers achieve superior quality. Industrial and artisan bakers looking for a total resource – whether it be for breads, buns, rolls, doughnuts, pizza crust, pastries, cookies, biscuits, crackers and more – can rely on us.


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