Chiffon Cake (Tea Series)


Group 1
Mauri Chiffon Mix 1000g
Whole eggs 1000g
Egg White 250g
Water 150g
Salt 2g
Earl Grey Tea 20g
Group 2
Corn Oil 150g

* For Matcha Chiffon, substitute Earl Grey Tea with 30g Matcha powder. 

* For Hojitcha Chiffon, substitute Earl Grey Tea with 30g Hojitcha powder.   

Baking Step:

  1. Combine Earl Grey Tea into the water first.
  2. Mix Group 1 ingredients for 1 minute at low speed.
  3. Scrape down sides to ensure no lumps sticking to the bowl.
  4. Change to high speed and mix for about 7 mins.
  5. Gradually add in Group 2 and blend at slow speed for about 30s – 1 min.
  6. Fill 170g batter into 5-inch chiffon mould. Bake at 180°C for about 27 – 30 mins.
  7. Remove from oven, invert the cake with the cake tin. Let it cool before serving.